Are you just getting started with DIY beauty products and unsure what basic equipment you need? DIY beauty products give you total control on the quality and types of ingredients that you put on your skin – and usually save you money in the process too!

But, to get started, you’ll need to invest in some basic equipment to make homemade beauty recipes like for example a double boiler or an electric stick blender.

While you may have some of these items in your kitchen already, it’s best to have equipment only reserved for your DIY beauty products.

DIY Beauty Products

Why should you separate homemade beauty products equipment from regular kitchen utensil?

Because of cross-contamination and for hygiene purposes, it’s best to keep those utensils sterile or as clean as possible to avoid bacteria getting into your homemade products.

Plus, having the right equipment on hand will ensure that you can make any recipe you want to – from lip balms to body lotions.

My top 5 basic Equipment for DIY Beauty Products

Number 1

DIY beauty products

This is a super versatile combination package that gives you a stick blender and hand whisk all in one. So many DIY beauty products require a powerful blender to thoroughly mix the ingredients. Nobody wants to apply lumpy lotion, right? The stick blender and hand whisk do a beautiful job without requiring you to pour your recipe into a conventional blender, creating a bigger mess. You will find that some recipes call for a whisk and some call for a stick blender, so why not get both for the best results?

Number 2

hand blender

Not all recipes need the power of an electric hand whisk – so you’ll want to keep a good hand whisk around as well. This one has a comfortable rubber grip that keeps you from slipping but enables the dexterity to thoroughly blend your formulas. The stainless steel whisk can be used in heated recipes and is super easy to clean!

Number 3


If you want your DIY beauty products to last, they need to be made in a sterile environment as much as possible. This helps to reduce spoilage in the absence of preservatives – even though many DIY ingredients like some essential oils are naturally antibacterial, this extra step helps! This also helps keep your skin from coming into contact with concentrated ingredients that you want to avoid. These nitrile gloves are the best because they allow you a sensitive but durable grip, and unlike latex gloves, they do not leave behind any powder or residue. You get many gloves in a box, making this an affordable option as well.

Number 4

double boiler

A double boiler is a must-have for many DIY beauty recipes. This will enable you to melt the butter down to liquid in order to blend them with other ingredients without burning them, for example. This Neeshow double boiler is made of stainless steel, so it can be used with high heat – and is also rust and stain resistant, and easy to clean! The best feature is the spouts on either side. These enable you to pour your melted ingredients into your mixing bowls without dripping or a huge mess!

Number 5

measuring spoons

If you have made DIY beauty products before, you know that precision is key! Steer clear of plastic measuring cups or spoons and opt for stainless steel versions that are less corrosive and can handle a variety of materials at different temperatures. I love this set because the measuring cups nest for easy storage – having multiple cups instead of a single 2 cup with measuring marks also means less washing between uses.

The measuring spoons are in the sizes most often used, so this set really gives you everything that you could need at a great price!

All in all, this would be an investment of $60 and will last for years.

I hope this will help you to get started on making your own beauty products.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!