Meet Eve And Join the Organic Beauty Community

Hi crafty friends!

Welcome to the organic beauty community! I’m Eve, certified aromatherapist, DIY organic skincare recipe creator by night (that loves to make a big mess in the kitchen!), and digital marketer by day.

Passionate about travel, yoga, organic lifestyle and currently lives in Montreal, Canada…

I’ve created this blog so anybody can start making their own organic beauty recipes at home and ditch all the chemical filled commercial products…

I will share homemade organic recipes of face & body creams, body butters, lips balms, shampoos (or no poo!), cleansers, make up and look forward helping you switching to a natural beauty lifestyle.

I can promise you one thing: I will do my best to make it easy and fun…oh and it will save you some bucks (or loonies!) in the process.

By making your own natural beauty product you are making a statement that you don’t want dangerous commercial beauty product filled with chemicals that are linked to cancer, hormone disruptions and other health problems…

Organic = grown or made without the use of chemicals like pesticide, insecticide or fungicide…

Beauty = attractive, healthy, I mean… beauty inside out!

Recipes = always homemade right in my kitchen

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