To get your started on your journey to a healthier lifestyle and to create your own body care products, you will need to buy organic wholesale ingredients for DIY beauty products such as wholesale carrier oils, body butters, carrier oils, beeswax or other vegetables wax and essential oils.

The best place to find wholesale carrier oils and butters is on if you are in the usa.  If you live in another country please follow the links below:

You will also need to buy containers for your creams, shampoo and lip balms such as Glass Jars, pump bottles and lip balm containers.

Shopping for raw organic wholesale ingredients and containers is half the fun if you ask me!

I won’t lie to you, it is an investment when you start making your own beauty products but:

  • You will have total control over the ingredients of the products you make.
  • You can buy certified USDA organic ingredients right from wholesalers
  • In the end you will save $$$ monthly – you should only need to buy ingredients twice a year.
  • You will have FUN, yes lots of it!If you are missing an ingredient, you can always go to the nearest health food stores but if you are getting serious about making your own creams, lotions,  shampoos and lip balms it is worth ordering to wholesalers to save money.

Here are a few wholesalers that sells organic and natural carrier oils, essential oils and other raw organic ingredients:

On you can find an overwhelming amount of raw organic wholesale ingredients supplier for making body care products. It definitely one of the best place to find raw ingredients and I love the fact that with Amazon Prime you can receive your ingredients within 2 days, super convenient!

Here are my favourite vendors for wholesale ingredients and wholesale carrier oils on Amazon.


If you live in the USA or abroad:

  • Wild Herb Soap Co is a small family owned business located in Arizona. They have tons of ingredients, from Mango Butter, castor oils to essential oils. Their prices are really good and less expensive than other suppliers.
  • Mary Tylor Naturals sells great quality raw shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax and African black soap. The only thing is
    that their inventory is limited on amazon and they don’t have a tons of products.

if you live in Canada:

  • Dr Adorable has a good selection of carrier oil, butters. The packaging is wholesale so don’t expect anything fancy. After all what matters is the product quality and I’ve been satisfied with their organic cold pressed carrier oils.
  • H&B Oil Center also has an awesome selection or organic raw ingredients, beeswax, essential oils, carrier oil you name it!

If you live in Canada, make sure you order wholesale carrier oils from, otherwise, you will most likely end up having to pay custom taxes and fees and those are certainly not fun!


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