I don’t know about you but I do my very best to stay away from going shopping in store during black Friday deals.
Last year I went to winners to try to get some clothes and after picking up a few items and heading to the cashier, I turned right back seeing the looooooong line up. There was no way I was spending 2 hours of my time in line to save a few dollars. Time is precious!

Plus it made me realize I did not really need those extra pieces of clothes anyway…So I’m boycotting the stores and instead looking online for body butters, carrier oil, essential oils.

Thought I would share my top 5 deals I found on Amazon, cause some of them are pretty good. And of course, I am talking about that organic shea butter and rosehip oil at -60%! I even found argan oil at -74%.

So get them while they are on. PLEASE NOTE: These deals are lightning deals and only available in limited quantities and for a few hours only.

No pressure, just saying. 🙂

Happy shopping!

Deal 1 – Pure shea butter – 60%

pure shea butter

Deal 2 Rose hip oil at -60% get it here on amazon


Deal 3 Sweet almond oil at -30%

Deal 4 Organic Coconut Oil

Deal 5 – Get Organic Argan Oil on amazon here

Feel free to comment below on other deals that you found!