Natural Lip Gloss Recipe

I created this natural lip gloss recipe in October where you can find lots of fresh cranberries at your local market. This pale pink natural lip gloss is shiny and hydrating. You will love the lemony taste of the cranberry, citrusy like!

  Natural Lip Gloss Recipe

Natural Cranberry Lip Gloss Recipe:

Natural Emulsifier – 14%

1 teaspoon organic beeswax pellets

 Oil phase – 71 %

4 teaspoons organic refined shea butter

1 teaspoon organic  castor oil

Water phase 14%

1 teaspoon of 100% pure organic cranberry juice (not made from concentrate and from your local health food store or make raw juice from fresh cranberries if you have a juicer, my favorite is the breville compact juice fontain)

Essential oils

5 drops of grapefruit essential oil (optional)

Lip Balm containers

You can buy plastic lip balm containers on mountain rose herbs or If you live in canada, go to as you will avoid hefty customs fees that way.

Directions of this easy to make Natural Lip Gloss Recipe:

Melt everything together on low heat, once melted remove from heat and blend with an electric whip until it forms a creamy / frosty consistency.

Scoop right away in a small lip balm containers before it start to solidify completely.

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