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Learn How To Make Your Own Natural Face Creams, Face Lotions, Face Scrubs, Face Cleansers and Much More!

aquafaba face mask recipe

Ayurvedic Face Mask For Acne

An ayurvedic face mask recipe for acne which will work wonders to restore skin balance, heal pimples and remove blackheads.

bentonite clay mask recipe

Bentonite Clay Mask Recipe

This bentonite clay mask is a gentle exfoliator and perfect for balancing oily, dry and sensitive skins.  Bentonite clay is a natural detoxifier and purifier…
aquafaba face mask recipe

Aquafaba Face Mask Recipe

Have you heard about Aquafaba? It is a revolutionary ingredient that you used to throw away…that is until now!

shea butter lotion recipe for dry skin

Shea butter lotion recipe

This shea butter lotion recipe is quite sinful and great for the change of season and to protect your face from cold, dry weather.
Whipped Shea Butter

Whipped Shea Butter

No water/oil phase, no beeswax, no double boiler needed, this is a cold process, all you need to to is WHIP IT BABY!
Homemade Sunscreen Recipe

Carrot Face Cream Recipe

Carrot oil is high in Vitamin A and E, beta carotene and also contains carotenoid which provides a natural protection against the effect of UV radiation; it will give your skin a discreet and natural golden hale…
rice face scrub

Rice Flour Mask & Scrub

Create this gentle and easy to make Rice Face Scrub with two simple ingredients…
Focus On Aloe Vera

Focus On Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is useful in the treatment of wound and burn healing, minor skin infections…
natural toners recipes

DIY Natural Toners Recipes

I will share with you two easy to make, DIY Natural Toners Recipes below, Aloe vera gentle and soothing cleanser & Rose and Neroli cleansing water.

Argan OIl

Focus On Argan OIl

Argan Oil is naturally rich in vitamin E, carotenes (giving you that nice and natural tanned glow!), squalene and fatty acids.
Anti Wrinkle Oil Blend

Precious Anti Wrinkle Oil Blend

In this oil blend recipe for skin and more precisely for your face, I have used one of my favourite oil from Polynesia…
Azuki Beans Face Scrub

Organic Japanese Face Scrub

Who would not trust Japanese women for their traditional ways of taking care of their beautiful and flawless skin…?
Organic Face Lotion Recipe

Organic Rose Face Cream Recipe

For oily skin but also suitable to all type of skin in the summer...Kukui nut oil is definitely one of my favorite oil…

On this page you will find several natural face care recipes. Learn how to make your own face cream, face butter, face lotion, face scrubs, face cleanser at home. A lot of fun and easy DIY homemade organic beauty recipes you can do right in your kitchen! 

I gathered my top organic face care recipes, diy organic face cream recipes you can do at home. My favourite are the Shea butter lotion recipe for dry skin, the organic carrot face cream with carrot oil, the rhassoul clay cleanser and the anti winkle oil recipe.

They are all easy recipes to do in your kitchen but if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a line on the facebook page!

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